JLM Ranch Facilities

We have the safest Horse Stalls in Town:  All stalls have no-climb fencing on all 4 sides to ensure your horse doesn't roll over and get stuck in the fence rails.  Additionally, 15 of the 24 horse stalls are no-contact stalls with a 3' or a 6' gap between each one.  The other 9 stalls only enable limited contact between the horses over the top of each stall.  They can't kick through the fence at each other with the fencing in between them. 

Misters in all horse stalls.  They don't just keep your horses cool, they keep flies away, too!

Safest Horse Stalls in Town with our no-contact horse stalls.  Each has a 3' or 6' gap between each one.  

Large pasture turnouts

Large 16' x 16' stalls 

beautiful grounds

Automatic waterers in

all stalls

Round Pen - With Sprinkler to keep the dust down. 

Shaded wash rack!   

Just hangin out at the

hitching post

July 27, 2019 - First hoof prints in our brand new arena!

July 30, 2019 - We were still a working on cattle pens and return alley but it opened for our boarders to ride in.