Vacation Horse Boarding

Need to get away and need a safe place for your horses?  We'd love to take care of your kids and give you peace of mind that they are well taken care of! 

Vacation Horse Boarding Rates:  

  • Three to Six Days - $45 per Day

  • Seven to Ten Days - $35 per Day

  • Eleven to Sixteen Days - $25 per Day


Our price includes the following:

  • 16' x 16' mostly covered stall with misters, feeder, automatic waterer and solar light

  • AM & PM Feeding (Feed Included)

  • Will feed owner-provided supplements

  • Daily stall cleaning

  • Fly mask on/off during fly season

  • Exercise also provided at additional cost. 

Call us at 480-290-1675 to schedule your next vacation.


Misters in all horse stalls.  They don't just keep your horses cool, they keep flies away, too!

Safest Horse Stalls in Town with our no-contact horse stalls. 

Each has a 3' or a 6' gap between each one.  


Most stalls are shaded by large trees throughout the stall area.

We love happy horses!


Automatic waterers in all stalls

Round Pen - With Sprinkler to keep the dust down. 

Shaded wash rack! 

Isn't he handsome?! 

Just hangin out at the

hitching post